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Delasco Peristaltic Hose Pumps for Industrial and Municipal Applications


The very nature of certain products creates many problems when they are handled by conventional pumps. As pioneers, PCM Delasco developed the peristaltic concept with the aim of offering a reliable solution to the problems facing a wide range of demanding industries. For over 40 years PCM Delasco has developed, manufactured and sold worldwide a comprehensive range of pumps well adapted to the transfer and dosing of viscous, abrasive and shear sensitive media. The peristaltic pumping principle is based on the capacity of a soft elastomer tube to accept a deformation and subsequently recover its initial shape. The flow obtained is a function of the tube bore and the pump rotational speed. Many advantages result from this simple pumping principle. The PCM Delasco range incorporates 3 series of peristaltic pumps: high pressure DL and DSC series and low pressure Z series.


Self-Priming Self-priming is automatic on start up and does not require any special equipment
Dry Running Occasional dry running is possible without damage occurring. The pumped liquid acts in fact as a lubricant and coolant for the tube.
Sealless Design No leaks along the pump shaft, as it is not in contact with the product.
Abrasive Products The elastomer tube resists better to abrasion than a metallic surface. The low running speed further reduces the abrasion caused by slurries.
Delicate Products
The transfer inside the pump tube is carried out without agitating or frothing the products. This characteristic coupled to the low running speed is essential for pumping delicate products or emulsions.
Reversibility The symmetric design of the pump makes it perfectly reversible by acting simply on the rotation. The characteristics and maximum performance are identical for both directions.
Easy Maintenance The only wearing part being the pump tube, maintenance is limited to its replacement if necessary - a repaid operation that does not involve dismantling the pump.



  • Chemical and Petrochemical
  • Surface Treatment
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Building and Construction
  • Mining Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Paper and Cardboard
  • Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals



The PCM Delasco Z Series of pumps are equipped with an injection-molded tube in various elastomer materials. The patented pump tube is designed with spine that improves occlusion and extends tube life; removable flange on one side of the tube allows easy replacement and maintenance. The Z pumps are intended to transfer abrasive, viscous, corrosive, basic and delicate products, up to a maximum pressure of 30 psi.

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The PCM Delasco DL Series of pumps is equipped with hose-guides in addition to the rollers, which combines several advantages: the roller rolls on the hose without damaging it, the hose-guide increases the squeezed surface area, as well as enabling the roller to act on the hose more gradually. This roller/hose-guide combination lengthens hose life, and requires lower installed power as well as a smaller quantity of oil.

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The PCM Delasco series DSC are high-capacity and high-pressure peristaltic pumps for many tough-to-handle process applications. It utilizes the same PCM Delasco advantages of the peristaltic technology, such as self-priming, dry run capability, sealless, reversibility and economical maintenance. It offers 3 different pump sizes of DSC-65, DSC-80 and DSC-100, capable of delivering capacities up to 300 gpm.

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