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Process Pump Sales, Inc, is a leading nationwide distributor of high quality products manufactured in Europe. We offer a comprehensive mix of product lines that are divided into 3 categories: Hydraulic Pump Group, Industrial Pump Group, and Instrumentation.

The Hydraulic Pump Group offers transfer and hydraulic gear pumps, flowmeters, pressure regulators, pressure relief valves, and other accessories for a wide variety of hydraulic and industrial applications. Manufacturers represented include Kracht, Rickmeier, and Hydropa.

The Industrial Pump Group offers sanitary centrifugal pumps, rotary lobe pumps, peristaltic hose pumps and replacement hoses, progressive cavity pumps, air-operated double diaphragm pumps, and metering pumps. Manufacturers represented include Delasco, PCM, Inoxpa, Blagdon, and Seybert & Rahier (Sera).

We are excited to add a new line in Instrumentation - Kobold Instruments, a manufacturer of flow, pressure, level, and temperature instruments. With this additional product line, we can offer a complete mix of products from pumping to measuring, controlling and analyzing for various fluid handling applications.

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